Monday, August 29, 2005

I can't believe dairy had such a horrid effect on Sam!

I think I may have figured out my formerly unhappy baby..... I am literally tearing up typing this I'm so happy....

I haven't really talked about this at all, but Sam's weight percentiles have been dropping since birth. She started at 45%, dropped to 35% at 1 month, 25% at 2 months and during my accidental visit at 3 months (didn't need to go until 4), she had dropped to the 10%. Not good - at all... And when I weighed her 1.5 weeks ago, she was still only about 11.5lbs. Off the charts - in the low direction - at almost 4 months.

As you also know, she's been a cranky, needy baby almost from the get-go. And very much a mama's girl. No one has been able to hold her for more than a few minutes without her crying - almost from the beginning - with a only few "good" episodes here and there.

Well, last week, I decided to cut all dairy. Only because I had heard that it bugs some babies (and the other April mom's already had) and I thought it might clear up her eczema. Instead, she's actually gained a POUND in the last week! And her demeanor has completely changed!

Today, a girlfriend of mine came over and she asked to hold Sam. All I could think is that last week I would have said, "She'll probably cry." And this time, Teresa held her for 20 minutes.... And I only took her because she needed a diaper change! She's happy now!

She's hardly crying unless she NEEDS something. She has baby fat rolls on her thighs now! She's smiling more and she's just looking and acting so much healthier! (She's always been fine developmentally so I wasn't freaked about that, but I was watching closely.)

Anyway, after worrying about this daily since her 3 month appt, I am JAZZED about her 4 month appt on Thursday to see how much weight she's *really* gained!

Oh... *knock on wood* that this isn't all a fluke.


PS I can tell my milk supply has changed - it's much higher - like she's needing more and I'm making more.

PPS Oh! And I forgot to mention - she takes 2 REAL naps now, too! One in the morning, one in the afternoon... each for about 2-2.5 hours (Although the afternoon one today was only about 45 minutes. That's okay! i have a HAPPY baby!)

Ellie is using verbs a LOT!

It's so funny.... She's constantly saying new things, but lately it's been 3 word sentences.... Momma like coffee. Bobo like coffee. Dada like coffee...

Pooh like honey....

You get the idea!

And when she got yelled at for hitting daddy's car with a stick:

Bobo don't hit daddy car!

I am floored watching her figure this stuff out!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Ellie took a faceplant a week ago

The poor thing fell smack on her nose and forehead and scraped her knee when she was out walking with dad and KT.... She's a trooper, though, and was more upset because dad was holding her than she was for scraping her nose!

Monday, August 01, 2005

Is Sam teething?!?

I sure hope not! OMG! Last night SUCKED. I had forgotten how bad Ellie was about teething - she would just scream and cry. And I'd dose her with Tylenol every 4 hours.Bleh....... And it looks like that's happening with Sam. I am NOT excited about this!