Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sam's 3 month checkup

So... I went into the doctor's office on Monday for her three month checkup and got quizzed:

Does she clasp her hands together? Yes
Does she smile? Yes
Does she squeal? Yes
Does she laugh? No, not yet, but she squeals a lot
Does she hold her head up? Oh, yeah
Wait.... she's four months, right?!? Uh, no, she turned 3 months 2 days ago!

Turns out they don't do 3 month appts! LOL! So she's almost at a 4 month level. She's tracking me from miles away and LOVES staring at Ellie, too. She's closer to laughing even since Monday (2 days ago). AND!!!!

SHE ROLLED OVER TODAY! OMG I was SO shocked! I put her down for tummy time and she will generally push up really hard on her legs so that they are almost 90 degrees from her body - and she just rolled to her back! Wow... (Ellie was 5.5 months.)

The biggest concern, though, is her weight. Her length was 24" and her weight was 10lb 9oz, which is quite low for her age. (She's been in about the 40th percentile and she's dropped to closer to 20%. She needs to be maintaining her percentiles.)

But she's eating like HELL right now - so I'm *really* hoping it's a growth spurt. We'll find out soon.

She's also starting to look a bit like Ellie when she smiles and grins. It's kinda fun! I have the feeling that they will resemble each other more and more as time goes on. They are both so darn cute!

Ellie is talking up a STORM!

Gosh, it's just AMAZING how much Ellie is talking now! At her 2 year appt, she maybe had 30 words (spoken). Within two weeks she was saying 3-4 word sentences! We were at the condo and she was running around onthe bed while I was feeding Sam. She was babbling and I finally started listening to her - "I get cake. I get you cake." I was floored!

She's also saying "Winnie the Pooh". Or rather, Weeenie da Pooh. LOL! And Sissy (or Seeeseee) for sister or Sam. She's also being more defiant and not really responding to discipline so Chris and I need to figure out better how to handle this - especially me. Ugh. It can be frustrating when I'm feeding Sam and she's not listening. I think cracking down really hard for a few days might make a world of difference.

We've also sort of started potty training. I need to take the bull by the horns on this one and really hit it hard. Hopefully I can do this next week.

General update - weightloss

I've lost probably 4 or 5 lbs since I last updated. Which isn't enough... Hopefully now that i have the jogging stroller I can get into better shape and get into a better routine. I need to really get serious. It's so much easier in CB. I can't WAIT 'til we move!

Monday, July 11, 2005

"I get you cake"

I am FREAKING out! LOL! 2 weeks ago, Ellie was adding a word in here and there.... Now she's saying 4 word sentences!!! She's really working on two word sentences mostly ("My bank (blanket)", "Pooh fly", "read book").... and those are about a week old. It's wild how quickly she's starting to talk. YEAH!!!

I realized she was saying complete sentences when I was laying in bed at the condo. I was feeding Sam and Ellie was running back and forth on the bed saying something... When I finally listened, she was saying "I get you cake. I get cake. You get cake." It was soooo cute!

And it's so cute how proud she is when you figure out what she's saying. I love my little girl!!!

Sam can stand!

It's crazy! Sam is soooo strong! You can just lean her against your hand or even hold one hand and she'll STAND up!

It looks like Chris is holding her up, but I swear he's not. As my doctor said, I'm in trouble!