Sunday, January 07, 2007

Updating on my life!

Let's see, here's a quick list of all the things that have gone on in the last many, many months:

  • Launched and have had a bit of success with it! I've actually done quite a few photoshoots and have gotten some good feedback about it. And I've enjoyed it a TON, which is most important! LOL!
  • Launched This is a message board created for local Crested Butteans for locals. Nothing going on with it yet, but we just launched it 2 days ago.
  • We lost gas and heat for 2 days (which prompted the release of and still have no heat in the livingroom - although it's plenty warm.
  • Love CB!
  • Moved to CB! LOL!
  • Girls are GREAT! Sammie is talking like CRAZY, Ellie is learning to write and doing more numbers. I need to update on them more often.....
  • Chris quit his old job and started his own company and is doing GREAT! Consulting back to a company he used to work for... And we're both liking the flexibility a lot!
  • I telemark skied for the first time a few weeks ago - and got some skis for Christmas! Pretty cool.

There is a ton more, but I have to fix dinner!

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