Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ellie is drawing letters!

Ellie has been writing her letters on her L-Max (a small electronic gadget that has different cartridges to do different things - like letters, numbers, etc) for quite a long time. At least 2 months, if I'm not mistaken!
But getting her to write letters on anything else is like pulling teeth! Or was... Recently, she started writing them on other things - like the sidewalk with chalk! (You can see her making and upside-down "A" here.)
She's also started counting to 20 - without missing any numbers! And she also is understanding the whole each number corresponds to a certain number of objects. I found her counting each rock as she threw it into the river several days ago! I was VERY proud of her!
She's also into making up words.... Like the "colorish" house. Colorish meaning colorful! LOL! It's so cute that I just don't want to correct her!
I also love how she's over the top with things. "Mom, I just LOVE my new watch!" Talking about a watch I got her several months ago! Silly goose.
She just keeps getting more and more affectionate, too. I love how she'll tell me she loves me or wants to hold my hand or snuggle with me. She wasn't interested in those things until relatively recently.
I am a very lucky mom to have such wonderful girls!

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