Sunday, May 01, 2005

Quick Sam update - sleepy baby

So.... when I went into the doctor today, she said she had wanted to see between .5 oz - 2oz weight gain a day. I took her in on Tuesday so that should have been about 4.5 days.... Well, she gained 10.5oz!!! OMG! I'm SHOCKED and so was the doctor! She said I had super milk.... (I told the doc we were feeding her breakfast sausage. LOL!) (She's only 1oz shy of birth weight - she's doing GREAT.)

The things that (I think) helped us out the most:

  • Feeding from one boob each session (I couldn't do it for several - killed me). But I think that extra hind milk helped.
  • "Chucking" her under the chin
  • Waking every 3 hours instead of 2
  • Changing diaper when she stopped. Or cleaning umbilical cord. (She hates both of those.)

So I get to let her sleep at night! I'll probably still wake her some during the day if she goes too long (more than 3.5 - 4- hours), but I won't worry at night anymore. YEAH!!!!

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