Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My other allergy girl: Ellie's allergy appt

So, today we went to an allergy appt to see if Ellie was still allergic to eggs and peanuts... She's more allergic to eggs than before (didn't know it was possible to get less then more) and she's very allergic to peanuts and pecans. (Not surprised at the peanuts. And she's never been tested for pecans so I wouldn't have known.) Mildly allergic to other nuts.

While I'm certainly not surprised at the results that she's still allergic, I was bummed to see that eggs had gotten worse. We go back in a year to get her re-tested. But honestly, these allergies aren't as bad as soy and dairy so I'm totally fine with them. (She can have trace amounts of egg in her diet and be fine. Nuts we completely avoid.)

On a different note completely, we're going to see the Winnie the Pooh show this weekend and she's completely jazzed! (I am going to put Sam in the snugli and hope that she does okay with all the noise.) It should be a blast!

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