Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The real truth: I poisoned Sam on Saturday (Sam ER update)

So.... I've been wracking my brain on what could have sent Sam over the edge on Saturday night.... And couldn't come up with anything but Rice Cereal. But, as most of you know, rice is VERY non-allergenic. So that just didn't quite seem right.

Then this morning I was talking to a friend and she asked, "What's in the rice cereal?" I answered, "Well, rice of course!"

Then I thought of the fact that I never looked at the ingredients! Dumb!!! What's the second ingredient?!?!? SOY oil-lechithen! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! How STUPID am I not to think there would be SOY in the damn rice cereal. So I feel really dumb, sad, and relieved that it's not a rice allergy....


Lesson learned. Poor Sam!

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