Sunday, June 08, 2008

Doin' Some Landscaping

Well, it started out innocent enough. Chris did the lawn so I decided to churn the dirt under the spruce trees, dig out the pine needles and generally get it cleaned out. And plant just a few columbines. Then we started thinking about the area to the left of the front door - should we do this? Should we do that?

And Chris was off to the Alpen Gardener to buy a few things.

While he was gone, Ellie and Sammie were invited to go to watch a movie with Journey, our neighbor, and Journey's mom, Lisa and I sat and chatted about gardening. (She is the gardener for the Wedding Garden in Mt CB and knows a TON about landscaping.) I weeded, raked and cleaned up in anticipation of Chris returning.

When Chris returned, she mentioned a rock stash to him and they went off - and came back with the Beastmaster so loaded down with rock that it was almost a low rider! They went for a second load after realizing we didn't have quite enough and then we set to work tearing everything apart. (I think they did more of the work - Chris dug and Lisa used the pick ax on the ground! LOL!)

So we're all getting reading right now to head back out to do more.... (I think I'm about to get yelled at. LOL!) I must run and get dressed!

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