Friday, June 27, 2008

The funny things my girls say...

Sammie is a thoughtful child. She comes up with some really funny, yet insightful things that make me smile.... Here are a few (with dates at the end)

"You are such a goofy kid, Sammie!"
"I not a kid, I'n [sic] a girl!" 2/10

"Sammie, why did you hit Ellie?"
 "Because I wanted my way!" 3/1

"Sammie, stop crying!"
"I'm not crying, I'm whining!" 3/1

"Sammie, what are you singing?" (She is constantly singing something different. It's so adorable!)
"My berry song"
... a little later...
"My windy song" 3/27

I have a pair of feet! 5/5 (This was just a revelation for her! It was so sweet how her face just lit up!)

Ellie's funny little things are different. Some, I think, are different because of age. But I think many are different because of who she is....

"Walmart is like a big fat guy" 1/24

"bone arrow" = bow & arrow  2/8 (We argued about this - apparently I'm wrong!)

Girl stuff: mermaids, volcanoes, rockets
Boy stuff: dinosaurs, rocks. 3/11 (I love how her mind works - I just don't know what to do with girly stuff, but rockets and volcanoes I can deal with!)

These are real live stinky buses! 3/27 (She was SO excited to "smell" them!)

Why is the sky blue?
Where do frogs sleep? (The snow was still up to the edge of the water and she was quite concerned that they would get cold.)
How does the world spin?
Where did the earth come from? 5/'08 (These are just a few of the fun questions she asks - and she'll listen to the answer and then come back to it later! Amazing....)

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