Friday, April 22, 2005

39 Week appt

From a post on 4/22/05:
Well, I went from a barely 1cm to a loose 1cm. LOL! Not much, but at least it's something. You would think with all these contrax that SOMETHING more would happen, but that's the way it is. Must be my uterus gearing up to just POP this baby out....
Doctor seems to think this baby will be bigger than Ellie - and so do I. Not a lot, but if Ellie was 8lbs (almost) and she thinks this baby is bigger... YIKES! It could be another 2 weeks - ouch! So I asked her if the baby had a small head. She laughed and said that it felt bullet shaped. LMAO!!! She thought the baby would just SHOOT out. She's funny.....

Oh, and the baby is definitely head down. With all the movement I feel, I was a little worried about that..... She also offered to strip my membranes, but I said no... It didn't work with Ellie and I don't think my body is quite ready. I might do that next week, but not now. (I know several of you think I'm goofy! LOL!)

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