Friday, April 22, 2005

Going into labor posts

Rather than do each blog from my old blog, here they all are:

April 23
Baby is coming

3:11 PM

Chills & contrax
Mom, dad, KT and Chris are here. bp is good -105/77. Bad chills.
3:04 PM

Water broke!
We don't know when, but my water broke. Got internal contrax monitor. Not too many contrax so I got pitocin. .. Yuck, but oh, well..
2:12 PM

Got epi
Very tired. Taking nap. 3-4cm dilated
1:17 PM

Fwd:On the way to the hospital!
Well, Laurie got to the house about 11:30 and we finished packing up the car and headed down. Contractions are 3-4 min apart. Painful, but not horrible.from fir night - Oh! Asked my mom to be in the roomduring delivery... She was pretty psyched!i'll try to update as i can...
1:15 PM

Sent me home
First of all, weird. I sent this from my phone originally, but it didn't.
I walked with mom, dad and Chris for over an hour and had some tough contraction and more goopy stuff.... But when I got back ot the room, all my contractions slowed back down - and when I was checked, I hadn't changed. I was still about 2.5cm and 70-80% effaced. The baby was a -2 station - still high.
1:45 AM

April 22
2.5 cm 75%
I'm actually dilating and effacing, but not in actual labor.... I'll walk around to try to get things going a bit more. I may be here earlier than i needed, but i really think this is it!
11:43 PM

More contrax
And they are about 5-7 min apart. This could be interesting - or not.
8:04 PM

Contractions again....
Okay, I'm trying not to get too excited or think that anything is *really* going on, but I'm having an interesting day. Had some *major* discharge with a brown tinge. (Yeah, gross, but true.) And I've had some odd and very painful contractions. Most have been just whenever and in the front right - and very painful.
But just a short bit ago they started getting more regular - every 7 minutes. (So far I"ve had 4 at this interval.) We'll see. I'll call Laurie and put her on alert before 9pm if they keep up. I hate to get her all excited, but if there is any issue with her coming up here, I need to know so I can make sure we have a backup plan. (She's not been feeling well.)
I'll try to update more when I can!

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