Thursday, April 28, 2005

Ellie and Sam are so sweet together!

I love how sweet Ellie is to Sam. She'll pat her on the head, point to her eyes and say HI all the time! She's such a wonderful big sister. And things seem to be going well so far.... Hopefully they keep up!

Ellie is just becoming more goofy as time goes on! LOL! She'll jump around and hop and squeal the funniest squeals - just to make us laugh. She'll make silly noises or faces and just crack up at the funniest things. I love how animated and fun she is!

Sam is the sleepiest baby! I thought Ellie was, but man, was I wrong.... It's hard to get her awake, but her eyes are the bluest blue when they are open. I would love for them to stay that way! She's just so gorgeous - I can't wait to have her be awake more often to truly see what her personality is like.

I still can't get over having two daughters. And yet it feels so right and wonderful. I love it!

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