Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Do you ever have days when you realize....

that the way you've been acting lately has been a bit... self centered? Or at least, not positive and happy? Even though you thought at first it was?

I kind of realized that I'm letting things affect me too much and using them as excuses to be a little down and whiney. And I should be taking charge and being happier and doing things that I am interested in. Only problem - I'm not always sure I know what those are.

I've done a lot lately that's for me - going vegan, portrait a day, trying to get organized - but I'm not enjoying the results like I should. Maybe looking around and still seeing a mess around the house, almost 20 extra pounds on my body and not enough GREAT photos lately is bugging me. But how can I feel good about that stuff when I still don't feel great about me? And there isn't really a good reason NOT to feel good! (Well, there is that whole missing your hubby with your whole being since he's been gone so long thing..... LOL!)

So! I vow to only be POSITIVE tomorrow. Figure out something FUN to do. Spend a LOT of time with my daughters and my mother doing things we all enjoy! And being HAPPY.

And we'll take it from there....

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