Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Going Vegan: Day something. ;)

Well, it's been around 3 weeks and I've eaten very little meat and dairy. I doubt I'll ever go 100% vegan, but man.... it feels good so far!

How? Besides what I've said before, I noticed when I do eat meat (calimari, in this case) I didn't feel good. I just felt heavy and yucky. It was good, but not awesome. Actually, much of the food I've cooked recently has been better. Whoa. Did I just say that?

Skiing the other day I did extremely well for someone who hasn't gone out in more than 3 weeks. I cross country skied about twice as far as I would normally and wasn't all that tired.

I've lost about 5lbs and it's staying off. But the weird thing is, I'm eating a LOT of food. I've been concentrating much more on a whole foods plant diet lately and it seems to be filling me up more, is much more satisfying (from a taste/texture standpoint) and is actually pretty easy to do!

On another note, I've also purchased a few cookbooks so we'll see how they are! I'll tell you about them after I've cooked more.

I've been thinking a LOT about how to present all the things I've read and learned to those who eat meat. It's SO hard. I was there a month ago and I *know* how I sound. I sounds like a born again Christian trying desperately to explain my new views. I sound like a crazy hippie vegan freak extolling the perils of meat and dairy. I sound like a weirdo!

But the scary thing is, I think if people would just listen, read what I've suggested and think about it - they would understand. It's not something intangible with no proof - like religious beliefs. It's something that's been studied and tested and shown to be true.

Anyway, overall I'm doing well. The more I read, the more interested and excited I get about all this. And the more amazed I am that the general public has NO clue how bad their diet is. Just last night I saw a TV station in Denver saying how the Atkins diet is best for women. They kept off more weight. But they do NOT look at the long term implications. Everyone is SO stuck on weight that they forget about health. Just like I did forever.....

I feel very lucky to have figured this out. Now if I can get my husband and my parents to listen. Please wish me luck!

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