Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Going Vegan: Day 22

It's been 3 weeks... Feels like a LOT longer, though. Weird.

Anyway, this whole thing has been pretty easy - even when going out. When going out, I am just vegetarian, but request no cheese or meat on my foods. So far so good!

I eat very little processed foods and they have been really good! I bought "The Everyday Vegan" and it's awesome! I've only had one boring recipe out of there so far... Highly recommended!

Things that are good:

  • Still feeling great.
  • Seem to be sleeping better whenI get to sleep, too! That's something that surprising.
  • My skin is looking GREAT! Seriously. Chris has mentioned that I have taken 4-5 years off my face! YAY!
  • I'm eating whatever I want (vegan-wise) and I'm losing weight! It is very slow, but it's coming off. (5lbs in 3 weeks.) I also know that the slower it comes off, the better as it's more likely to stay off.

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