Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My new project: A self portrait a day

I was running around on DGrin when I ran across a post from a woman who was doing a portrait a day project. I headed over to check it out and was very impressed... She had some great shots and it really got me thinking... Could I do something like that? Hmmm....

So I set out to do it! It's been very interesting and enlightening... Very! Taking photos of yourself is hard. Not only from the standpoint of feeling okay with how you look (or trying, anyway!), but also because coming up with a new idea every day is HARD. Truly....

But it's also fun! I'm really enjoying it because normally I take photos off the cuff, for the most part. I may direct, but I don't really stage photos much. I don't enjoy that. But I end up having to stage myself most of the time - and take many photos over and over to get what I like, quite often. It's definitely stretching me in ways I never expected!

Oh! Wait! You want to know WHERE to see these? You can go here: Andi's Self Portraits


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