Wednesday, September 21, 2005

3 months in - weightloss update

Well, on June 21st I weighed and measured myself and here I am 3 months later and although I'm losing, I'm certainly not losing as quickly as I'd hoped i would. Bummer.

BUT! I am losing! And it's relatively steady. I've hit a few plateaus, but I am just patient and my body catches up.... And with my crazy diet because of Sam, I'm actually pretty proud! I'm currently trying once again to figure out what I can eat and what I can't.... Sam is allergic to dairy, soy, eggs and it was recommended that I avoid nuts and shellfish. I go to a nutritionist in about 1.5 weeks and hopefully she can help me figure this all out.....

In the meantime, here are my stats:

21-Jun 21-Sep Inches lostweight 190.5 180.5 (was down to 178.5 2 days ago)
left thigh 25.25 24.75 0.5right thigh 25.125 24.75 0.375hips 44.5 43.75 0.75waist 40 39 1chest 35 34.5 0.5breast 43 41 2neck 13.5 13.125 0.375 5.5" - Total inches lost!

As I mentioned, my weight was less a few days ago, but I counted today's weight. Only about 20lbs to go. I can't wait to get there!

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