Monday, September 19, 2005

Sam's allergist appt..... I *ASKED* her not to be allergic to....

eggs! But did she listen? NOOOOOOO...... *grumble*

Okay, so here's how it works.... This doctor does scratch tests. This sort of surprised me after what Heather (Ben & Ollie's mom) said. She tried to find someone in Dallas to do it, but couldn't. But when you scratch test infants, they don't always show an allergy. For instance, I'm 99% sure of the soy allergy, but it didn't come up. But because I had such a good case for it and she's allergic to milk, he's not surprised.....

But with wheat, it could be something else in the cheerios that caused it. Like (dumb me) the strawberries, blueberries or raspberries. He said it's very unlikely that wheat is the cause of her eczema breakout - that's extremely unusual. So I should add in some bread and keep an eye on her.

As for eggs, they are officially out of my diet. Along with dairy and soy. But he also suggested, since they are so common, to cut out all nuts and shellfish, too. *waaaahh!!!*

But the good news is that I can start adding in trace amounts of soy/dairy/egg into my diet. For instance, cakes. YUM! LOL! Or things (like taco meat seasoning) that have trace amounts of dairy. Or thing cooked in soybean oil. It's the major things that are out. That opens things up SO much for me.

Breakfast is going ot be a tough one.... I always eat eggs.... Does anyone have any low carb suggestions for breakfast? Or low carb toppings for bread? (Not jelly, jam.) I find that when I eat cereal (which I'd have to have with rice milk - bleh), I get hungry way too quickly. I'm thinking of finding some good meats to snack on for breakfast..... and maybe some whole grain bread. I'll also look for some whole grain cereals and see how that does. (Higher fiber helps me stay fuller longer.)

So it's back to redoing my diet again! But now I have answers and maybe cutting out eggs will help with some other issues we're having. (Like not sleeping well at night. You never know! Or extremely smelly farts.)

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