Thursday, September 29, 2005

An Ellie update

i realized I haven't posted much about her lately with Sam being so tough!!! So I thought I'd brag on her a bit.

She's doing really well! We've been talking about potty training, but not pushing it at all. We instituted the m&m rule (1 for trying, 3 for peeing, 5 for pooping) and almost every night this week she's peed in the potty - HER asking, not us! I was asking constantly and she kept saying "No" so I stopped and now she's starting to ask...

It's so cute - when she starts peeing, she'll look up from her magazine (generally Sports Illustrated or The Week... LMAO!) with a sly grin on her face to see if we're listening and then grin HUGE when she sees how excited we are for her! It's adorable!!!

She's also really great when we have a tough day with Sam. She'll play by herself and won't whine and complain at all.... I expected some sort of lashback, but nope! She's just a delight.

And she is talking up a storm. It's so much fun - I think she grasps a new concept about language every day!

Oh, and finally, my very unaffectionate girl has turned into a VERY affectionate toddler! It's so sweet. I was thinking it was a phase (that's why I never posted about it), but the last two months have been hugging and kissing and sitting in laps and... being a doll!

I feel very lucky.

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