Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I figured out a yummy breakfast! Why this is good and bad....

I was laying in bed last night thinking, "I'm going ot really miss scrambled eggs with stuff in them for breakfast.... I wonder what I could replace the eggs with? Tofu? Nope, that's soy. Cauliflower? Nope, gassy. HEY! Potatoes!"

And I looked at the package of hashbrowns I have and it's 12carbs for 1/2 cup....

So I used about a cup and scrambled up some hashbrowns with low fat sausage and left over squash - and gave some to Ellie!

You see, that's the great thing. She's allergic to eggs so we've always had different breakfasts! So I was able to give her some of mine - and she loved it!

And that's the bad thing... I made it thinking "1/4 for Ellie, 3/4's for me!" Wrong! She LOVED it so it was half her and half me.... And she STILL wanted more! LOL!

So actually, this is going to be good from that standpoint. (Oh, and it was yummy, yummy.)

Andi (who actually got about 7 hours of sleep with only having to get up twice - a first in about a month)

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