Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ellie's nightmares - a thing of the past!

Or was it nightmares? I thought it was, but then the other night she complained "tractor dirt" "leg hurt" "beep beep" "leg hurt". I assumed that she was having a bad dream that the tractor was hurting her leg.... But then I thought, "What if it's growth pains?"

I gave her motrin and she slept through the night! That's the last 4 nights.... AND I measured her - she's grown and INCH since her 24 mo appt (2 months ago)! So, I guess that is what's going on.... (And I know it was just the motrin helping her sleep - she had been given stuff noses before and that helped her sleep, but she still woke from "nightmares" - or leg pains)

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