Monday, September 12, 2005

Sam's followup allergy appt....

I decided to go back to the pediatrician just to chat about allergies further... I've completely cut out soy and milk and have seen a remarkable difference! Her skin is SO clear after cutting out the soy. And her demeanor is so great compared to the milk..... I also got some samples of Nutramigen to see if she's okay with the soy proteins in there. Nope, not going to formula, I just want a backup in case I get dairy or soy in my diet accidentally. (I'll pump, too.)

We are also going to an allergist on Monday to make sure there aren't any other allergies luking that are causing her a few additional minor issues. I know it could still be milk getting out of her diet, but I still want to check. And talk about how allergic she may be. Can I get trace amounts? Or none?

We are also going to try adding in rice cereal at nights. We have MAJOR issues with sleeping at night. She's great about napping during the day - 1.5-2.5 hours for two naps! But at night, she won't sleep by herself. She's practically attached to me - and literally at times. And she's kicking in her sleep and waking me constantly. I hate cosleeping - I just don't SLEEP! We need to figure this out.... *yawn* I can't tell you how many times I've started feeding her and woken and hour or more later with her still on the boob. Not a habit I want to start!

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