Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sam's 4 month checkup

She's doing well! She's dropped a little on her percentiles from 2 months, but she's UP for her weight from 3 months! She was 25" (about 75%) long and 12lb 2oz (25%) for weight. Developmentally she's doing GREAT and she's VERY strong. I'll even let her grab the OUTSIDE of the exersaucer and she'll just stand there!

I talked to the doctor about the milk allergy and we talked about soy. And while I was there, I realized that this *really* bad outbreak of eczema coincided with my upping of soy. *sigh* So I'm cutting out ALL dairy and ALL soy for the next 2 weeks and we'll see where she is then. If she's all better, I'll add soy back in and see what's up. If she reacts, it's out for good. Then I'll try adding in trace amounts of dairy (like in breakfast bars and random stuff) and if she reacts, it's out for good, too....

If she's NOT doing well enough, I'm going back to the doc and talk about getting her tested for other allergies that go through the breastmilk. (Eggs, nuts, wheat, etc.) If she's highly allergic, we'll evaluate at that time and see whether I cut EVERYTHING out or if I just switch her to that stupid expensive formula. I'm not even going to think about it yet - or predict what I'll do.

But she's doing so great (for the most part - still some fussiness that I attribute to either soy or some left over dairy) that this is all worth it. It's funny, I'm not really all that worried/upset about changing my diet. Only from the standpoint of making sure I get the right nutrients to keep the milk good for her. Not the reaction I would have thought I'd have!

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