Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ellie update

My little girl is growing up! Well, sort of..... She's definitely getting older and has the cutest things to say!

When asked in the car how Sammie is doing, she replies, "Sammie is doing fine." LOL!

She is still in love with Nemo and now Dory has been added to this. Pooh is definitely on the back burner for now. But her love of these fish makes me and Chris a little nervous - when will she realize that the fish sticks she loves so much come from little Dory and Nemos? ACK!

A few weeks ago (12/28) she decided that the crib was no longer good enough to hold her in during her naps and she climbed.... rather, fell out! Talk about a scare for mom listening on the baby monitor. *thunk* "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! MOMMA!" Luckily, aside from her ego and a small bruise on her forehead, she wasn't hurt. We still haven't moved her to a big girl bed because there is SO much going on in the next few weeks that we don't want to stress anyone out more than necessary.

Toilet training is definitely a frustrating deal. With the craziness of the holidays, it's been less than fun. We've had many too many accidents. And then we'll have two or three GREAT days in a row and it'll seem less like a burden. I know she won't graduate from high school in diapers, but sometimes I wonder about grammar school!

She's also surprised Chris and me a few times by knowing something that neither of us have told her - and that was a short enough word that it could have been read! I doubt she's actually reading, but if you ask her how to spell her name, she'll tell you, "L-I-E spells Ellie!" Of course, that's also how you spell Nemo and Bobo and much more. LOL! We have ways to go before she start spelling/reading for real.... (Nope, not even remotely concerned - I know she's *really* early with recognizing the letters and their sounds so reading should be a long way off!)

Ellie has also become fixated on "new house". For a very long time she's ask us to "go conno" [go condo]. But that has transformed into "go new house". She understands that something is going on and will constantly ask if we can take something to the new house. LOL!

"Take Gunther new house?"
"Take dada new house?"
"Should we take momma and Sammie to the new house, Bobo?"

A few other things of note - I was quite terrified until Monday that Ellie had decided to go from 3+ hour naps to NO nap. *YIKES*! But once I got her back onto a normal schedule (woke her up earlier and put her down for a nap a little later), she went right down and slept. *happy sigh* I love my daughter, but I definitely need a little break in the afternoon! And she definitely needs that nap to stay happy.....

Ellie is such a wonderful, sweet girl. I'm really loving the affectionate side that's come out more lately!

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