Sunday, January 08, 2006

Another long month....

Or 3 weeks, at least.... In a nutshell (since I just want to catch up quickly) the holiday season was wonderful, but extremely hectic. Sam quit sleeping well shortly before it hit and it was a bit crazy with very little sleep for me.

But we had a great time with my mom and dad and G3 (Greg, Gwenan and George) when they came over on Christmas Day in the afternoon.

Then Judy and Tom (Chris' mom and step dad) came over and stayed with us after their whirlwind tour of Tom's family the day after Christmas.

We had Laurie and Bill over the following Wednesday and asked them to be Ellie's god-parents.... I think they were happy with that.

Then it was down to Colorado Springs for Christmas with the rest of the Poirier's. And another great time.

And finally up to Granby for fun with the Sholines at Sal's new place. It was wonderful and a blast.....

We are now looking at packing up, weaning Sam, doing 2 pro photo shoots, finishing some projects around the house, and finally moving to Crested Butte. And that's just January. *deep breath*

It will be a crazy, crazy month, but at the end of it (or rather, the beginning of February) things should settle down and we'll be into the new house! YEAH!

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