Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sammie update

Can you believe she's 8 months old? I can't!

In the past month she's started sitting (12/12), scooting backwards (12/13), crawling (12/21), pulling up (a few days later), getting down from pulling up (1/5ish), sitting and pulling up in bed (1/7 - even though she's been sitting and pulling up for a while, she just realized she can do it in bed!) and cruising (1/6)!

And we've started.... I mean *I've* started the weaning process with her. We had a bit of a scare two nights ago when she refused the bottle all night long after doing so well with it.... And then last night she SUCKED down 4oz and I didn't have time to get more so I finished her off by breastfeeding. And she took bottles all night long!

I'm trying VERY hard to wean for several reasons... Mainly, I think she'll start sleeping better without any random foods getting into her diet. This is probably the biggest reason - and I have seen that this will probably hold true after bottle feeding her to sleep several nights and having MUCH better nights than previously with breastmilk.

With everything going on, I would rather not have to deal with all my food issues. (You know, no dairy, soy, eggs, nuts, shellfish and very little gassy foods like cauliflower and broccoli as well as garlic and more.) It would be SO nice to eat anything I want while I'm so busy!

I'm also ready to get my body back.... 38E boobs for a year or more is long enough for me! I'll get to that more in another post.

But the other big reason is so that I don't have Sam getting things into her system and causing her major issues anymore. I can't remember if I posted this, but the day before Thanksgiving she got some dairy (I assume from her reaction) into her diet. Or I did. Or something. And Thanksgiving sucked from that standpoint. I had to hold her, she didn't go to anyone and she was just plain miserable. Not fun for anyone - and it seemed to be very painful for her.... *sigh* I really hope she gets past most of her allergies - especially the dairy.

Sleep is all over the place still. We had several good weeks and then it went bad again. Now it's good, not great. Honestly, I don't think she should be waking nearly as much as she is. She'll go down and be up 30 minutes later. It can take 10 minutes or 3 hours to get her back down. Then she's up at 2am generally. And again at 5am. But hopefully moving to formula will help this. It certainly seems as though it will since last night she didn't eat at 2am when she woke (she PLAYED) and she woke again at 5am for more food, but wasn't ravenous.

But she's so darn happy and sweet! Loves to kiss me, lights up when she sees her daddy and just adores her older sister.....

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