Sunday, January 08, 2006

On weaning.....

I think I may have figured out why Sam sometimes sucks down a bottle like she's starved and yet other time she rejects it!!! I was feeding her and I could tell she was starved, but she was fidgeting and fussing while eating. And she was eating SOOOO slowly. So I started thinking - and remembered seeing some faster bottle nipples. I had Chris bring me a faster nipple.... and she sucked down the bottle! WOOOHOOOO! This may be easier *knock on wood* than I was originally thinking.

A few other comments..... (Some from posts.)

I have to say, it's such a catch-22 for me.... Sam is SO easy to breastfeed and I do enjoy it. If it weren't for the food issues, I wouldn't mind going to a year. But the food issues are a biggie. I mean, I have cut down my food to nothing, but it's nothing compared to how she reacts to accidental ingestion on my part. So when she reacts, I feel bad. And yet I know the breastmilk is good for her and could help her a ton in the long run. It's just that it can cause such issues in the short run. Ugh.

It has also become very apparent that she sleeps better with formula. I feel bad that she's had crummy sleep for so long, but I think that the breastmilk she's gotten is going to outweigh that in the long run. And hopefully we'll BOTH get more sleep with her on formula!

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