Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's official.... we are weaned....

I was going to wait until the end of the weekend to wean, but I realized that Chris would be out of town when I was HUGELY engorged and I would have no help at night. And that would be really uncomfortable several nights in a row. Now I'll have some help tomorrow night when I think it'll be worst. (I think I'll be fine tonight and I hope so since Chris will be at the Broncos playoff game!)

So at 10:30 this morning, I breastfed Sam for the last time. I actually had Chris take a few pictures since that might have been the last time ever. How am I feeling? Here are the emotions I'm going through:

Guilty - I think this is natural. I feel guilty that I couldn't go longer. And that I wasn't able to keep all the allergens out of my diet better for her.
Sad - That may have been the last time to breastfeed. I'm also a sad because I truly did enjoy it. I think if she hadn't had food issues, I probably would have gone on to a year.
Excited - To have my body and my emotions back. And to be able to EAT without reading all the labels! Oh, and excited to have my libido back! *blush*
Pleased - That I was able to make it this long with all the issues we've had. Pleased that I did the best I could to give Sam the best start she could have.

And to make it official, I burned my bridges just a short while ago. I had eggs and sausage biscuits! LOL! It's a bit odd, though, because when I quit breastfeeding Ellie, I could still go back to it if I wanted - easily. With Sam, i'd have to pump for a few days to keep my supply up before I could feed her to get things out of my system.

Those eggs were awesome!

Now to figure out how to keep the weightloss going with my newly found food freedom! (Creme Brulee, here I come!)

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