Thursday, February 03, 2005

Baby Dos update

Okay, now that I'm finally caught up and actually got all my updates of the Junebugs board, I feel better! LOL! Poor baby Dos hasn't gotten the journaling attention that I should have been giving. Ellie certainly did! But I've also been able to take a TON more belly pics with Dos than I did with Ellie! (It's time for another, but I'm so tired I just look like crud and don't want to!)

Had a horrible night the night before last, but finally figured out that eating things with either maltitol (a fake sweetner for a low carb diet) or peanuts caused me to have HORRIBLE gas and kept me up most of the night. I'm glad I figured that out - last night I slept much better... But silly Ellie woke me at 6:45 instead of her usual 8-9am. Ugh!!!

But Dos is super, duper active. I can't believe how much kicking goes on in there! Whoa! I do NOT remember this happening as much with Ellie. Maybe she was this active, but I don't remember....

A note on calling Dos "he"... I started thinking about it and if I make this into a pregnancy journal and Dos is a "she", I don't want "her" to think I was in any way disappointed with having a girl instead of a boy! Sure, I would rather have a boy right now - I've always wanted to have at least one of each, but how could I be disappointed in a girl? I mean, Ellie amazes me every day and a sibling of hers, whether boy or girl, would be equally as amazing!

If I *truly* thought I'd be disappointed, I'd be heading off to get that ultrasound (u/s) right this second! LOL! But I'm excited just to have this baby.

Did some yoga today, but my shoulder was bugging me. Weird. I keep thinking it might be because of caffeine. I tried to work through it, but it didn't really help. I'll avoid caffeine tomorrow and see if that helps.

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