Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dos & mommy's fun adventure

Well, today was interesting... I had planned on running out to a few stores to return some clothes and then get something for Macy Davis' 2nd birthday. (And for Zach & Brett & Sarah.) After doing ll the running around, I stopped to get gas and wash my car. While sitting in the car wash (a drive through one at the gas station), the car overheated. ACK! I called the Audi dealership and they had me call roadside (not so) assistance.

An hour and a half later, the tow truck finally shows up. (It only took them 30 minutes from the call, but it took roadside non-assistance an hour to call them. Bleh.)

Then an hour after that, the clueless cabbie showed up. (Took him 20-30 minutes to find the place - just off a MAJOR highway and a MAJOR road. Grrrr.) I didn't think his car was going to make it up into the mountains. Thankfully, it did

So... from the time of my car overheating to me getting home - 3 hours. Ugh.

I'm glad Dos was good. I didn't get any really bad gas pains 'til I got home. And I didn't get too exhausted sitting and waiting forever at the gas station....

Oh, well, at least I.... um.... I.... got to have my car towed? No.... Get to have it in the shop 'til Monday? No.... At least I got home safe! LOL! Yeah! That's it....

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