Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Random ramblings on Dos

Although I've been excited, I wouldn't say it was high on the whole scale of excitement. I dont' know if it's been because of being so nervous about Dos for so long or just because I'm so busy with Ellie.... But I just haven't been really excited like I was with Ellie. It's not that I was dreading or unhappy or anything like that. It was more like "I'm having a baby in a few months... Okay. Cool. I'll get excited later."

But then I went to the hospital last night to see baby George... and my SIL was trying to get him to breastfeed.... And she was beaming and excited. And my sweet husband was so happy to see this precious life. And I realized.... I'M GETTING EXCITED! I want to breastfeed. I want to do it longer and feel more relaxed about it. I want to take pictures and really see him or her grow. (Me? Take pictures?!?) I want to sleep in our big king sized bed with Dos and Ellie and my DH during a lazy Saturday afternoon. Then cozily feed Dos while everyone else is snoozing. I want to see how Ellie does with Dos. (She was amazing with George! Sooooo gentle and sweet. She sobbed when he cried for food - like she just felt so bad that he was so sad - and it was so heart wrenching and sweet! She touched him like he was a fragile little baby.....)

I just am getting excited. And I want to meet him or her! I want to see if this is a little rambunctious boy or a little sweet little girl. And if it's a girl, I want to know what her name is! LOL! I want to see if he or she looks like me or Chris or is really just a combination like Ellie. I want to know if Dos is going to be easy or needy or somewhere in between.....

And it feels good. I hope this feeling sticks around for a while, but I doubt it. But I do know it'll be back in force when the time gets close so I don't worry about it.

And I know baby Dos will be loved by everyone in this house. (No, there weren't any doubts, but it was wonderful seeing Chris and Ellie's reactions.)

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