Thursday, February 03, 2005

Ellie update

Okay, since I got caught up on Dos, I should get caught up on Ellie! What I *really* need to do is go back through all my posts on Junebugs and pull out the stuff that Ellie is doing. Hmmm, if I do, I think I'll have to do that and put it in a doc rather than here since there's so much more than for baby Dos!

For now, I'll just catch up on the last month or so....

We took Ellie in for her 18 month checkup on 12/24/04... The doctor was happy with where she was. She was impressed with how well behaved (I guess that's what you'd say) Ellie was - she just sat on the table and allowed Dr Hire to check her out. The doctor mentioned that most 18 year olds will fuss and want to get down - Ellie was as patient as a 2 year old. She was also impressed with Ellie going up and down the stairs without holding on.

We (Chris went with me) asked about her not really talking and Dr Hire wasn't concerned. As a matter of fact, she didn't think that any of the special programs for kids that were behind would take her since she was ahead or on target with everything else. And since her comprehension was so impressive, she wasn't concerned at all. (We have since worked MUCH harder on baby signs and that has helped a bunch!)

She was 22lb 9.5oz and 33" tall at this appt.

In early January (actually, New Years ) she got sick with a stomach flu and just had the worst diarrhea. She got to be like a wet noodle she was feeling so bad. When we brought her into the doctor, she had lost a pound! The doctor (Dr Pin-something) was really concerned about dehydration, but luckily Ellie was sucking down Pedialyte at the appt. We kept an eye on her and she just continued sucking it down - and we narrowly avoided having ot bring her in and get an IV in the ER!

After she started getting better, we noticed a LOT of things: her love of meat went WAY up, she started learning and doing more, she was more active, more alert, eating like a HORSE and even more easy going about things! Her naps changed (got later and more consistant)... So much! We are attributing this to more iron and a bettter balanced diet with less milk.

Yesterday I decided to see how much she weighed. We had weighed her about 2 weeks after her illness and she was 24lbs fully clothed. Yesterday she was 24.5lbs! (That's with clothes and a new diaper.) Whoa! And I measured her - 34"! So she's gained about 1.5lbs and grown 1" in just over a month. Hmmm, growth spurt?!? LOL!

Uh, oh! I have to run! I hear her waking from her nap! (Laughing and jabbering, as usual. Such a cutie!)

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