Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Ellie is really the sweetest thing around!

I love my daughter with all my heart. Not that there ever is any question of that, of course! She's so adorable and sweet and FUNNY and smart and... and....

The things I love about her right now:

  • The way she will walk goofy and then turn to see if I'm looking at her. She'll do it on her tip toes or with her knees bent or just step big with one leg and shuffle with the other and look at me sideways with a goofy grin. It's hysterical!
  • She loves to share! She will feed me some of her food, then eat some, then feed me some more. If someone walks in, once she feels comfortable with them, she will offer them someting - her toy, a piece lint from the floor, some of her food, a sip of her drink....
  • When I ask her if she needs her diaper changed, she'll walk toward her room - then, while I'm getting a diaper, she'll laugh and watch to see me then start walking away.... and then run once she sees me coming laughing her head off! LOL! She LOVES to be chased!
  • She loves when her dad comes home. She gets sooooo excited to see him and will run to the door if I ask her if daddy is home.
  • She will hug and kiss me more and more. She does this with dad, too. She grabbed his face tonight and kissed him. So sweet!

But I think the thing that melted my heart the most was her reaction to Baby George, who was born yesterday morning. Although it too her a much longer time to relax around everyone in the hospital room, once she did, she was quiet, well behaved and sweet with everyone. But when Baby George started crying, she got so upset! She just sobbed and wanted me. Huge tears rolled down her face and she was looking at me like "why is he crying? I'm so sad that he's so sad!"

Later in the evening, my mom took Ellie out in the hall, the boys went downstairs and Gwenan had to go to the restroom so I held George. When Ellie and mom came back into the room, mom put Ellie next to me and George.... I was blown away with how sweet she was to him! She gently touched his hair and head, she touched his face and patted his hands... With the most amazing touch.

I can't wait for her to meet her little brother or sister! She will love him/her and be the BEST big sister ever.

I love my daughter with all my heart!

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