Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ellie missed the birthday party :(

Well, if you read my Dos update for the day, you'll understand. We were supposed to go to Macy Davis' 2nd birthday party today. I was really looking forward to taking Ellie to the Children's Museum. It sounds like so much fun! Guess I'll have to take her another time.

Her new word: Cracker!!! (Okay, "acker" or "cacker".) I'm so excited that she's actually starting to copy words! Another she's copying is "apple" ("ackle"). I've also heard her say "nana", but not sure if that's just playing with her sounds or if it really means "nana" as in my mother.... We'll just keep working on it!

She's doing good, but today was tough at the end. I haven't seen her get this cranky in a while. We're thinking teething. (Canines. I know they are almost through and this is the first time any teeth have come this far in without us really feeling the effects, if you know what I mean... Waking a lot at night, very unhappy, NEEDING Tylenol, that sort of stuff.)

I hope she *really* does start to talk! That would be so awesome!

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