Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Ellie-ism II & update

Wow! I can't believe my little girl is almost 2 years old!! Wild... She is doing so well. The terrible twos are starting to rear their ugly heads. She will throw small tantrums from time to time when she doesn't get her way.

Yesterday she was wanting to put on some lotion and I told her she could have one more pump of it. So she rubbed her hands together and put the lotion on her belly and wanted more. I, of couse, said no... no more lotion. She threw a fit and walked away from me bawling her eyes out. She walked over to the big fern and hit it!

I immediately said, "We do NOT hit!"

She looked sheepishly at me then bent over to kiss the plant.....

She's definitely a card! But it took everything I had not to laugh at that.

The most exciting thing is the number of words she's adding daily! Today she repeated HOT DOG. Yesterday, it was KITE. The day before was APPLE BITE and APPLE WHEEL! She's also added TIRE, SHOES and several others! (So many that I'll quit listing her words in teh "lists" section.) After being so frustrated with her not talking, I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yeah!

I still see her getting frustrated, though. It's as though she's embarrassed to say things she doesn't know how to pronounce well. Chris thought that was silly - until he noticed it, too....
It's such a delight seeing her personality blossom. She's so wonderful!

We are currently in the process of moving her to her new room... I have the room almost ready for her to move into. I need to move all the stuff on her walls and get her bed and rocker in there. Oh, and put up curtains and a few other things, but the room is mostly cleaned out. It wasn't intentional, but it should be done by the time her second birthday is here. I hope she likes it! I think she will.....

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