Tuesday, June 14, 2005

General thoughts

So the thought for the day is: How do I remember to Blog stuff so I can keep track of it? I loved doing Ellie's pregnancy journal and it was fun looking back at it, but I really wish I had kept better track of all her milestones. So my goal is to track Ellie & Sam's milestones here....

Which leads to the second thought: How can I back up these blog entries? I need to figure this out so that I don't lose them. I would be crushed! ACK!

Other thoughts:
Photography.... I can't believe how much photography is on my mind these days. I am constantly looking at other people's photos for ideas.... Whether the photos are snapshots, serious amateurs or professionals, I love looking at all of them! They all give me ideas and thoughts.... I want so badly to do this professionally at some point, but don't feel I'm quite ready. I have so much to learn. (ACK! I need to look closer at Carol L's link. Free classes?!? How can you beat that?)

I need to try to get some good pictures of Ellie & Sam together again. I haven't gotten any in over a month. I have several snapshots and I'll always keep taking those, but I really want some nicer ones....

Thank yous.... Yikes, what a bad person I am! I have so many thank you cards half done or not done at all and I *need* to send them! Same with the announcements, but don't want to send those out until I send the thank yous.... (Not sure about the etiquette, but I'd be annoyed getting an announcement before the thank you if I gave a gift.)

Crested Butte.... Things are starting to move in that direction! Yeah! I would LOVE to move there. Last weekend looking at houses was so huge for me. It makes me realize it's closer and definitely going to happen. And it was so breathtakingly beautiful! This is where Sam's neediness can get a bit frustrating right now. I want so badly to just leave her with Chris for several hours and take a bajillion photos, but I can't really do that. She's definitely a momma's girl and would have a fit if she couldn't nurse to finish up before going to sleep!

Being a mom to two.... Wow! It's a lot of work, but man, do I love it. It's odd right now, though. I still really see Sam and Ellie separately. I think this is because they don't really interact. I can't wait until Sam is old enough that Ellie can teach her things and interact with her. I have the feeling they'll be wonderful friends. But right now, when I am with Sam, I only think of Sam. And same with Ellie - I only think of her.

The hard times come when they are both melting down... Sam (generally) wanting food and Ellie wanting more attention. Most days aren't too big of a deal, but some days (like yesterday), I'm so ready for Chris to get home and help out. And I look forward to a glass of wine to unwind! Yesterday was tough even after Chris got home - Sam wanted to eat almost from the time she and Ellie woke at 4pm until almost midnight. I thought today was starting the same way, but luckily she went to sleep....

But being a mom of two actually makes me think about number three! Crazy. I know, I'm crazy. Especially since I'd be 41 when #3 was born! Doubly crazy!

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