Monday, June 27, 2005

Words Ellie says

These are all from before she turned two and are in the approximate order she started saying them:

Baaa (as in what a sheep says)
More - sign - point at opposite palm
Food - sign - fingers to mouth
Moon - sign - wave hand in air
Eeeeee (what a cat says)
Arr arrr (what a dog says)
Need a diaper change - sign - pat diaper
Bye bye
Cheese (chee)
Done (duh) sign/word - raise both hands in air
Bath - sign - scrub body
Drink - sign - pretend to shake sippy cup
Please - sign - pat chest
Thank you - sign - tap fingers to chin
Duck (duh)
Apple (ackle)
Cracker (acker or cacker)
Dog (dah)
Dad (daa) She has been saying this forever!
Hot (haaa)
Itsy bitsy spider - sign - rub forefingers and thumbs together - similar to the real sign
Avocado (ac-ado)
Apple (apple!) She says it really well and will use it if she doesn't know other words!
Open (opah)
Banana - sign - peel other forefinger
Car sound
Mama Finally!!! Says it a lot!
Ball (Bah)
Balloon (Bah-oooh)
Book (boohk - very soft k)
Plane - sign - arms out to sides
Baby (for Sam)
Egg Odd since she's allergic!
Shoe Pointed at her foot and said it...

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