Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Ah, Samantha! What a sweet little girl! I just realized that I hadn't put anything in here since her birth almost 2 months ago. Bad mom!

So... what's Samantha like? Well, I know they say not to compare your children, but I don't know how else to describe her.

She's snugglier than Ellie ever was. I could never sleep with Ellie because she was such a little wiggle worm. Sam, on the other hand, just loves to snuggle up most of the time.

She's also more needy than Ellie was. Ellie was content to just hang out most of the time. Sam loves to be held and loves to eat! I think the favorite place to snuggle is my boob. LOL! While I love this, it's kind of hard to do it all day. Don't get me wrong, Sam will hang out by herself, but is definitely interested in being held more than not.

She's also JUST starting to smile! I saw a few small ones over the weekend - that weren't associated with gas. She has such a gorgeous smile.... I can't wait to see the full blown ones!
She also seems to be way ahead developmentally. I know the doctor said that at 1 month, but I wasn't sure about that. Then I read WTETFY (What to Expect the First Year) and WOW! She's able to hold herself standing on her legs - not supposed to until 4 months or later. She turns to look at me and has since birth almost - again, not supposed to until 4 months. She will also look at others now, too! She's almost keeping her head in line with her body when pulled up. She LOVES looking at herself in the mirror that I hang over her on her gymini. She'll coo and jabber at herself for several minutes. It's so cute!

And I get so many comments on just how gorgeous she is..... She looks just like her daddy and her grandma Judy at this age. It'll be interesting to see if she looks like them when she grows up!

Oh, about her neediness.... I forgot to mention that she is needy for me! We have.... I mean, Chris has tried to feed her bottles for several weeks. And she has never had a bottle and been done. She's always needed to finish up with a quick nursing session. Ugh. No breaks for me. I am wondering if this is because of the bottle or because she just needs me...

But since I've started taking her into bed and co-sleeping, she's been sleeping 5-6 hours a night. No, I don't really like co-sleeping (no real issues with it) - I just don't sleep as well. And I don't get to snuggle Chris. That bums me out.

She's so funny, though. Yesterday I had to pump and I was about 15 feet from Sam.... And she kept waking up! When I covered myself, she would sleep. The second I started pumping again, she would fuss and wake up a bit. And she had just eaten! LOL! Amazing!

Whoops! Someone stirs!

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