Tuesday, June 14, 2005

A few other Ellie things

I was thinking about my blogs and realized I forgot a few Ellie things!

The other day Ellie walked up to me with a package of new batteries and said "Bat"... Then she indicated that she thought we ought to put them in the battery case for Sam's swing. Blew me away since I didn't even know she'd paid attention when I was doing that!

She knows how to take her clothes off and (mostly) put them back on again. I need to start seriously potty training!

She jumps up and down like crazy.... Both feet only hitting the floor once before launching herself back into the air. Over and over and over. It's hysterical!

She also walks up and down the stairs one foot one each step - just like an adult. No hands!
She LOVES the main theme from Winnie-the-Pooh as well as Itsy Bitsy Spider and will listen to them for HOURS on end. ACK! (Chris and I call it "IBS" so as not to remind her that she may want to listen to it...)

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