Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going Vegan: Day 1

Please note: The previous entry was made AFTER this one. By about 10 days. This is actually the first entry in my journey so just take that into consideration! :)

A few things to note:
Starting date: 2/9/07
Starting weight: 180+ (may have been 181)
Was quite sick for the week before starting. Starting to eat less meat has helped a bit, I believe.
Getting the book The China Study from some guys at SmugMug in a few days. Haven't read it, just cutting down on meat.

A bit more about the book and why I'm doing this:
As you read in the previous entry, I had some weird heart things happen, I'd been feeling crummy and more. I was subscribed to a thread about some bug reporting for a new release of Smugmug when I noticed someone mentioning that one of the guys had gone vegan. I scratched my head and headed over there. Another guy, Chris MacAskill (president of Smugmug) was kind enough to explain a bit more about it and offered to send the book to me. Reluctantly, after Andy prompted me, I took him up on it.

I started doing a bit of research and found some interesting things - claiming to help with a whole host of health issues - and I wondered if the book was written by a snake oil salesman. But a lot of it seemed smart so I went with it and started going vegan. (It just all struck me a the right time.... Oh, jeez. I'm sounding like a hippie. "It was karma." LOL!)

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