Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going Vegan: Day 3

I haven't done anything really drastic, but I've been consciously thinking about the foods I eat. After reading about just how bad meat and dairy can be for you (no clue about fish/sea food), I'm actually (surprisingly!) a bit turned off by meat and dairy. I'm sure a BIG part of it is that I'm just not feeling well. I came down with the flu about 9 days ago and can't shake it.

Since I've done this, I've lost a few lbs. I figured I'd lost weight several days ago because of not eating as much and was bummed stepping on the scale and seeing 180. Then, two days later after cutting way back, I was 175! I was REALLY shocked. Today I was 176.5 after eating breakfast.

I'm also feeling "lighter". Not as in weight, but a more general feeling that I'm not weighed down. It's weird and hard to describe. And even though I'm tired, my energy level has been about the same the whole day. I haven't crashed at all, which has shocked me.

As for WHY I'm doing this, it's more to feel BETTER than to lose weight. (Although that wouldn't suck!) I've been feeling not so great for a few months and I'm ready to feel better. I've tried other things that aren't working so I'm trying this. We'll see.

Stats: 180/176.5/155-160 (starting weight/current/goal)
Feelings: "lighter", more consistent energy level

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