Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going Vegan: Day 6

Day 5 was good, but not great. I was exhausted because of the girls not sleeping well the night before. I also ate several chicken fingers. Yum! LOL! But otherwise, I was pretty good. Oh, a little parmesan on my dinner....

Day 5 stats: 174.5
Food: chicken fingers, parmesan cheese

Day 6 has been great. I'm MUCH better today than I have been in DAYS! I feel good, but still a bit tired. But I'm sure the next two days will be mediocre at best for food. I'm just not going to stress it since i'm doing to Denver with Ellie.

Day 6 stats: 176 (no worries! yes, I'm a chronic weigher inner! LOL!)
food: all vegan so far

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