Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going Vegan: Day 4

A few things I need to add... Mainly that I think the loss of weight is mainly due to fewer calories more than anything else. My standard breakfast, for example, used to be: 3 scrambled eggs, sausage (about 1.5-2 servings worth), veggies in the scramble and sometimes cream cheese. I'd afraid to calculate that! LOL!

I have also NOT worked out in several days. Other than the alley loop, it's probably been 2 weeks! (Still feeling crappy, dizzy and out of it today.) So we'll see how my body reacts to that, too.

Last night for dinner we went to Ginger Cafe. I got some spring rolls and Chris got Lamb Korma and crab rangoons. I had a rangoon, both spring rolls (veggie) and a little bit of the korma. It was good, but odd - it was heavy tasting, which I generally like, and I didn't really enjoy! Weird.

Today for lunch I had some calamari. No other meat, very little dairy (maybe butter in some of the foods, that's it) besides the calamari.

I've sort of decided that I'm not going to be totally anal. I'll probably be good about veganism at home, but I'll probably just try to be vegetarian out to eat. I need to find out what this book says about seafood/fish, though. I'm interested.Oh, I've also felt pretty light headed all day. Weird.

Weight: 175 (so I guess it is for real!)
Feeling: tired, lighter, nothing specific to the veganism.
Meat/dairy: calamari, trace dairy in foods

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