Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Just some ramblings on going vegan

Today, as I was riding around town doing a few things (got a new cool wallet! Yay! And a jewelry holder! Yay!), I started wondering... Why is it that I've gone SO far from one extreme to the other? I mean, two weeks ago I was eating HUGE steaks taking in at least double the protein (and who knows how much fat) that I need. And now I'm considering going vegan? Was I BRAINWASHED? Did someone (aliens? Hippie vegan freaks?) steal me one night and change out my brain?

And as I thought about it I realized that there were several factors: eating poorly, feeling bad, weird heart racing feelings, and reading for REAL just how bad all of what I'd been doing was for me. I think I'd been thinking in the back of my mind that I'd just been horrible with my food. Too much fat, too much meat, not enough variety.... And I'm lucky I haven't gotten sicker or gained a TON of weight.

So where does this lead? Where do I think it's going? I have no clue! After all this thinking I've decided that I'm going to go vegan for at least a month. And on April 1st (heh) I'll reevaluate and see where I am. I'll see how I feel. And I'll think about all I've learned and figure out then what the next step is.

One thing I've heard is that there are few vegans or vegetarians in CB. Why? Because the cold temperatures and the amazing amount of exercise that people get makes it hard to keep weight on if you don't eat meat.

So where will I end up? Vegan? Carnivore? I honestly suspect it will be more on the vegan side with smaller amounts of meat from time to time. We'll see. I may be wrong. I'm just going to keep my mind open. I don't want to come to any conclusions when I don't have all the information I need.

Does anyone have any ideas of where they think I'll end up? LOL! I'd love to see the comments on that one!

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Norma said...

LOL I think it's amazing you can set a goal for yourself and follow it Especially since temptation is all around. I wouldn't last being vegan, but you've definitly inspired me to be more healthy :)