Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"Animals go night night" "Nemo touch boat"

Ellie is so funny! When I put Sam down for a nap, I'll nurse her in the rocking chair and Ellie will inevitably come in to say hi or play. Or request a song. Right as you walk in the door, there's a small book case that Chris made and on top of it is a piggy bank and several smaller animal banks. (Zebra, lion, tiger, elephant.) Sometimes Ellie will climb onto the big blue bin that has some clothes that Sam has outgrown and she'll play with the animals....

Today, she came in and started putting them all on their sides, telling them "night night" and kissing them! LOL! It took me a little while to figure it out, but I just cracked up when I saw her do this!

The other thing she's doing is getting stuck on things. A typical conversation:

Nemo touch boat.

Nemo touch boat.

Dada say no, Nemo, no touch boat.

Nemo touch boat.

Dada look Nemo.

Nemo touch boat.

And so on and so on....

While it's amusing sometimes, when she expects you to acknowledge her each time, it gets a little old! LOL!

Now that I've cracked down a bit more on her not listening to me, she's doing SO much better. She listens and doesn't "talk back". Whew! Now that Chris is out of town for a little while, that makes things SO much easier!

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