Thursday, November 03, 2005

We have a tooth!!!

I am actually GIDDY about Sam having a tooth! Which may seem odd for someone exclusively breastfeeding.... But Ellie was HELL (and still is) when she's teething.... Sam's tooth was a complete surprise! I LOVE THAT!!!!

Soooo.... Here's the sleeping update. I'm not going to post the actual schedule we had (it's so damn long), but here's a recap of her old one:

  • 8-11pm - Put down up to 5 times before sleeping more than 45 minutes
  • 11pm-8am - Up to nurse and calm back to sleep every 1-2 hours - generally 8 times a night
  • 8am-8pm - Up to 5 naps, none lasting more than 45 minutes, most around 20

Result: Cranky baby most of the time - ESPECIALLY at night


  • 8pm - 12am - to bed. May get up once or twice before midnight to nurse, but goes RIGHT back to sleep
  • 12-8am - Up twice, maybe three times to nurse and go right back to sleep. We might have one session that takes 40 minutes, but generally it's pretty fast.
  • Daytime - 2 long (1-2.5 hour) naps with a possibility of a late afternoon 30 minute nap

Result - Happy baby except when she's tired!!!!

I've been following the No-cry Sleep Solution for now. We still have a ways to go as she will nurse to sleep almost every time... We'll work towards breaking that habit soon. We will still have some rough nights from time to time (and I'm sure I'll jinx myself and tonight will suck), but overall.... things are 100% better!

But now that she's sleeping well, Ellie is teething and she is not going to sleep easily at all. Ah, well! That's just the way it goes!

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