Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ellie potty training update

pee training is going really well. We started on Monday and just said "no more diapers unless sleeping" and she had one small accident Monday, a medium one on Tuesday and another today. (We didn't train on Wed. because of hte pooping issue below.) She's just been GREAT....

The two problems I have:

  • She will NOT wear big girl panties! I tried taking her out to buy some with me, but the ONLY kind I could find in 2T were the Gerber ones. Nothing fun like Pooh or whatever... (I found a ton in 4's, but those are HUGE on her.) I'm going to try a few more stores and see what I can find.
  • She won't poop while potty training. She holds it. She "tries" and I've tried bribing her with something GOOD, but she doesn't poop. I did NOT want her to get constipated so we put the diaper back on so she would poop. (She did.) I'm putting Karo in her sippy today so hopefully that'll make it more "necessary".

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