Saturday, November 12, 2005

Another Sam sleeping update

It's going okay.... Not great, not horrible. We have some days that are wonderful - and nights to match. And others that aren't. Last night wasn't fun.... The longest time in a row she slept was 3 hours. The rest was 1-2 hours. *yawn*

But I've figured out a "concoction" that works well to settle her tummy and help her sleep. (We ran out of some of it yesterday.) Mostly it's Colic Ease - this stuff ROCKS. I love it! And the other stuff is Cocyntal. This stuff is great, too. The Colic Ease will settle her tummy and the Cocyntal helps with her gas. I'm going out today to get more of the Cocyntal before I go crazy! LOL!

She's reaching and sitting and doing awesome! I'm so happy that she's so much happier now that I've cut so much from my diet and gotten her sleep mostly figured out. I'm still frustrated from time to time, but it's nothing compared to the first 6 months.....

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