Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why do I want to move?!? (caution: many expletives)

From a post on 11/9/05:

Seriously, it sucks. Remember our septic tank issue? Or the two floods we've had? Probably didn't know this, but we HAD to redo the kitchen because the dishwasher broke before we started trying for kids.... I'll list 'em out later for your information and amusement....

What's the problem now? WE HAVE A DEAD FUCKING SKUNK IN THE WALL! And where is my husband? Same place he was when the septic tank broke - in FUCKING LOS ANGELES. And his way of saying goodbye? "I love you honey. Oh, that smell is making it from the basement to the first floor. Can you take care of it? Bye!" That was at 5am. I've been up since!!!!

Here are some of the things we've had to deal with since buying this house less than 5 years ago:

  • Replace dryer
  • Dishwasher dies. Call out repairman, can't fix it. Can't pull it out without tearing out the counter - they built this fucking 1972 (it was on the dishwasher!) machine into a 1991 built house. Idiots. We had ordered a new dishwasher - it was TOO DEEP for the counters. The counters were for a bathroom, not a kitchen. Whole kitchen needs redoing unless we want to fix a stupid 1972 dishwasher.
  • Stuck in our house because of a blizzard for a week at 6 months pregnant
  • Seal breaks on 4 windows in livingroom - total to fix? Well over $8000. Not gonna happen.
  • Starts to smell in basement. Come to find out that the last people who pumped our septic tank only pumped the overflow, not the whole thing. Well, that filled up - and then it backed up into the crawl space. Chris left town and I had to deal with it, a newborn and no toilets for two days. $300 to fix (not as much as originally quoted) and another $2000 to clean up the raw sewage. Fun.
  • Flood in basement. Covered by insurance, but still $10,000 worth of damage
  • Mice everywhere. Call exterminator and got it fixed.
  • Flood in Sam's room. Not too bad
  • More mice - and something large. And my husband tosses poison in the crawlspace (the girls can NOT get in there) and voila! No more large thing crawling around. Now it's a fucking DEAD thing *I* have to deal with.

Okay, I think I actually feel better. Well, at least not as angry. Off too figure this crap out.

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