Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sam's got another tooth!

I'm shocked that her teeth are coming in so quickly - and easily! I think it just might have been uncomfortable for her for a total of 30 minutes! LOL! It's going to be so cute seeing her with teeth... I'll be interested to see how quickly the others come in! (She looks so upset in her picture! Poor thing!)

On a side note, Sam's sleeping is really all over the place. Last night wasn't quite as good as I would have liked.... She went down at 9:15, up at 11:30 for 45 minutes, down until 1:30 then up almost for real at 6am. I took her into bed with me and we slept for another 45-60 minutes, but certainly not good. But the night before she slept for 12 hours with only waking 3 times. But it's still 100% better than it used to be!

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